Watching the news and the outrage over the comments by the president, is  disheartening but not surprising.    He continues to be the person that ran for president and I suspect he will continue to be that person throughout the remainder of his life.  The question I continue to ask is what is the fix or is there one.  Are we spending too much time focusing on what’s in the media?  You know being upset about it and discussing it, and not enough time making a change in our own community, or building one.

Over the last year there have been protest and a flood of information pointing to a systemic plan to continue to disenfranchise the black population.  Some may believe the overall goal is slavery again, as seventy percent of the prison population is black and prison allows for slavery or free labor. Most prisoners lack a high school education and education was considered the equalizer.  It may not provide equality, but based on the data there is correlation between lack of education and the prison population.   The education system is poorer in primarily black impoverished neighborhoods.  Is this by design or circumstance?  And is expecting the government to solve the problem realistic? The unfortunate truth is that our leaders are ran by greed and not the people.  Consider this, if a certain group of people are making money with private prisons and free labor, and they have strong lobbyist (You know the group that actually bribes our leaders to make certain decisions).  What decisions will be made? Prison stocks have skyrocketed since the election of the last president (That should tell you something). It’s not we the people. It’s those that will give me something. Please take a minute and digest that.  If we want better for our community, it up to us and those that care about the struggle.As we move into a new year and getting closer to at the next decade, those that are working on government change, please continue. There are many attorneys and senators working on things like justice reform and attempting to resolve the educational difference.  Please support them with our voice, vote, dollars, time etc.  Speaking of support, I know we have heard the adage divide and concur. Please make the choice to support those that are attempting to make a difference.  If you don’t like there process or style that’s okay.  But please do not publicly disparage them. The others want to see us divided.

The system has and continues to play a very dangerous game with the black community.  As I speak to many of us, there is a theme.  That theme is:  “We will never be united, we can’t stick together, we can’t work together.  I believe once those words are said it is true.  What if, we spoke and thought differently?  Believing that we can live better, treat each other better and be treated better, and behave as if we have a community.  Trust me I understand and I have been hurt by own, I’ve also been loved by own. If we don’t join together to affect change, who will?

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