Are you proud to African American/Black

Yesterday we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and at the same time we’ve heard many discussions surrounding the negative comments from the president elect about Representative John Lewis.  This is just another example or peak into the thoughts of our next president and the climate of which we will live.   Although, Trump pointed to the wrong person when he spoke of action, however that is something we must continue to consider and question ourselves.

Why do others views blacks as “different’ when we are educated, take care of our families, leaders in our community, etc.

As we move into black history month, are we proud of our history?  Do we look at the accomplishments of the black man and stand proud, we should. Some have done everything  they know to keep us down, in some areas they still do today.  In spite of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and stripping us of everything we continue to thrive.  Yes we thrive.  There is still work to be done, so continue to do the work.




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