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Is the government shutdown a terror risk?

As the government shutdown continues to be the longest shutdown in our history, it raises many concerns. Individuals are being called back to work for zero pay, they have involuntarily accepted a volunteer position.  This unplanned volunteer work adds undue stress on families and the people they serve.

The TSA and air traffic controllers for example protect the safety of 1.5 million people per day.  This shut down is not only impacting those that work for the government but those that depend on the services they offer.  Think about it, the person that is protecting the airports to ensure terrorist do not board our airplanes are required to work for free.   The job is stressful enough, but to have to worry about food, and shelter while working should not happen.  Our leaders say they are  attempting to protect the country, but are we in more danger, as a result?  How long before those that are hired to protect us feel desperate and begin to act out that desperation, or are exploited as a result?

Do  we have to be sitting ducks, while our government officials make a decision?  The answer is No. As of the most recent reports it does not appear that there is communication with the President.  Regardless of how you feel about a wall or no wall.  Having people work for free causes stress. These  individuals are hired to protect us.  As a result, we will have a negative impact on almost everyone in the country?  Those that are making the decisions to keep the government closed are not facing financial trouble.  Their income is not in jeopardy and they do not fly commercial.

Contact your representative and end this shutdown, they can override this.

Call, send an email, write a letter visit their office.  We need to use the process to our benefit too.

Congress can override the shutdown.



I was reading the story of Babel the other day in the book of Genesis, and I noticed something that stood out to me.  When the people were building the city God dispersed them because he was concerned with what they would do against him, as one united people. “Behold they are one (unified) people, and they will have the same language.  This is only the beginning of what they will do (in rebellion against me), and now no evil thing they imagine they can do will be impossible for them.”

Because God knew the benefit of unity he scattered the people.  Think about that for a minute, but think about it from the perspective of acting in unison and what can be accomplished.  Throughout our existence in this country there have been many schemes used to separate us.  Causing dissension is not difficult, our journey to attempting to become one people started on the plantation, around pain, fear and betrayal.   Others are aware of our power as a united force, which is the reason there are so many subtle tactics to keep us separate.  The tactics have been so successful, if anyone mentions blacks joining together, I hear people say it won’t happen. Some of the tactics used were making the light skin blacks feel better about themselves than the dark skin blacks during slavery, which caused distrust.  As the light skin slaves worked in the house and the dark skin blacks worked the fields.     If you have not read the Willie Lynch letter please read it.

During times of adversity we have united to achieve greatness for each other.The Underground Railroad, The civil rights movement, voting rights, education (we created our own colleges, desegregated schools), more recently some of the law are changing around the decriminalization of weed, and the senseless killings.  Although these are examples of a few victories. In 2016 blacks represented 33% of the sentenced population, whites represented 30% and hispanics 23%.  On the surface this may not appear disproportionate; keep in mind we are only 12% of the population, Hispanics are 16% and Whites are 67%.  The poverty rate amongst blacks is 20%.  The second highest amongst all ethnicities next to Native Americans.

The story is not all bad,  over the last 10 years the statistics are improving.

What if we could unite our thinking and actions around a few key areas.

  • Business: Take the time to support black business
  • Investments:  If you are able to invest, invest in a black business
  • Education: Never underestimate the value of education.  There is a reason it was illegal for blacks to know how to  read during slavery times.  They knew that education can be one way to elevate us as a people.  More and more people are homeschooling their children, to ensure they have access to the best affordable education.  As a homeschooler you do not have to teach your children all of the subjects, there are many tools available to assist.
  • Health: We can’t control all aspects of our health, but there are several we can by eating healthy and exercising.
  • Laws: Stay abreast of the laws and how they impact us.  Not just national, but local.  Go to local government meetings.  Be a part of the community.  I need to do much better here.
  • Mentor: Help someone else. everyone needs a hand during life’s journey

Starting this movement is very simple.  It’s a mind shift for some and a continuation for others, but there is nothing we cannot do.  Let’s do it together.


  • Register your business
  • Find a investor for your idea
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  • Join the social media community






Change our health Stats for 2019

Welcome to 2019.  In my last blog  It was discussion around changing our negative health statistics.  It feels like they really want us all dead.  Either by incarceration, murder or poor health.  Although there are many games geared towards keeping black statistics primarily negative, we do have the power to change some things.

Real change starts from the inside out.  From inside the body to outside, from inside the community to outside.  I can’t encourage someone to see me as positive if my words are negative or to see me as strong when I appear weak, and see me as healthy when I am overweight.

I have noticed it has become increasingly more expensive to eat healthy and without meat.  When I grew up and the budget was tight, my parents would make a tasty meatless meal.  Now we’re paying $10-$12.00 for a meatless burger.  Meatless; there is no dead animal to represent this burger, no butcher curing, separating and grinding the meat.  No animal that had to be cared for so we can have a $12.00 burger.   I don’t understand it, and those prices can discourage people from moving from fast food, that is killing us slowly to a healthier options.  I remember eating stewed tomatoes and rice, beans and rice or peas rice.  There are a variety of beans and peas that provide a sufficient amount of protein and the rice helps complete the amino chain.  Dried beans are cheaper and healthier than canned beans. You can get a package of dried beans for under $2.00 and which will make about 12 cups.  The dried beans are healthier, because they are not sitting in a can line with BPA, and BPA has been linked to causing damage in liver, kidney and breast.  The other health benefit to purchasing and cooking beans, is to reduce the amount of lectins in beans.  Beans contain a chemical called Lectin,  that basically protects itself from bugs, during the growing process. When properly cooked, the Lectin can be removed or greatly reduced.  If the beans are canned there is no guarantee they are properly cooked.

We have control over our eating habits, even on a limited budget.  Changing what we eat can drastically change our heath and the health of the children.

Mental health issues and depression impact all of our communities.  Depression can be so sneaky it is possible to suffer from depression and not be aware.  Without adequate health care it is possible to go undiagnosed, plus we know our community typically does not believe in see a psychologist or psychiatrist.  So, we suffer in silence and cannot move, as if our feet our cemented to the floor and the world continues moving around you.  I understand, I am not a fan of medications that impact the brain, but I do believe in the many natural options.   Below are a list of items that can be helpful in fighting depression and helping to maintain an overall positive life.  Serotonin is critical as it helps provide feeling of well being, modulates cognition, helps with memory etc.

  1. Sunlight: Increases serotonin levels
  2. Exercise: Increases serotonin levels
  3. Positive affirmations: Self talk and thankfulness
  4. Dark leafy greens: Fights inflammation
  5. Walnuts: Mood boosting omega 3
  6. Avocado: Brain power
  7. Berries: Cell repairing Antioxidants
  8. Mushrooms:  Helps lower blood sugar
  9. Onions: Layered with cancer fighting Allium
  10. Tomatoes: Depression Fighters
  11. Beans: Mood Stabilizing Fiber
  12. Seeds: Omega 3
  13. Apples:  Antioxidants and Fiber (I recommend organic)

Let’s use the knowledge and power we have to take control of our health, and the health of those around us.  Eating tasty food is great!! Eating food that is slowly killing us, is not the best choice.

Tupac said..

In the 90’s Tupac said,  “It’s time for us as a people to start making some changes, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we eat, let’s change the way we live, and let’s change the way we treat each other.  You see the old way wasn’t working so its on us, to do what we gotta do to survive.

Tupac was asking us to improve our physical, mental, educational and Financial health.  Changing the way we eat and treat each other is clearly physical and mental health.  Changing the way we live can be viewed in many different ways.  Keeping in mind the educational and prosperity divide, I am choosing to  look at this as education and financial health.  Today, let’s discuss our physical health.

Are the words of Tupac still relevant as the  poverty amongst blacks is 21%, the highest among all ethnicities, however  it has been declining since 1966 when it was at  31%  and in  2000 it was approximately  25%.  The obesity rates amongst blacks is 37% for men and 50% for women.  Changing the way we eat, may seem like it is one of the easier steps to take.  However, eating healthy can be expensive, and several neighborhoods lack easy access to fruits and vegetables.

Most of us grew up eating fried foods, pork, chitlins etc.  If you think about the diet, it is basically slave food.  We have been free from slavery for 3-4 generations, so let’s free our appetites to eat foods that will also free us from diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity, etc.  There are many areas where we have control,  and what we consume is one of them

During slavery we ate the scraps, and I am sure after slavery our eating habits did not change much, because that is what we knew, and what we could access.  Although, those habits are killing us, many of us have not made a change, and the real question is why?  Is is economic, or we feel we don’t have the power to change the situation?

I met a woman many years ago at the DMV.  We were conversing while in line.  She was a middle aged caucasian woman, and she had that upper middle class look.  I was actually at the DMV on the ore affluent side of town.  We began discussing eating organic.  At the time my children were 8 and 10, I’m single and their father does not contribute. So eating organic did not seem like an option to me.  I told her I cannot afford to eat organic, and she said I can not afford not to.  I felt some type a way about her statement. She didn’t know my situation, and she was being very insensitive.  I was sure she got into her mercedes and stopped by Whole Foods and drove home to her lawyer husband.  Because I was so offended, I did not think beyond my offense.  But I could have shopped at the farmers market, where I can purchase organic food at the same price as non organic.  It would have been a less convenient, but a better health option and a teaching moment for my family.   I could have also planted a garden, again a teaching moment.  I eventually did both of those things, but I allowed being offended by this woman who did not understand my situation to put me on pause for many years.  Her message was accurate, why did I allow the vessel to cause me so much harm.  If I had acted then, maybe I could have thwarted high blood pressure, who knows.  Are there things you can do differently, to change  your future and the future of the next generation.

Blacks are the most resilient people on the plant, and unfortunately have been dealt a raw hand and every other ethnicity benefits from our struggle.  We are the only group of people that were enslaved in a different nation, and regardless of what they want us to believe we have made great strides in the three generations since slavery, yes three- four.  Let’s use that resilient and become healthier.


Changes can be subtle and easy

  • Replace butter with a healthy margarine, like earth balance,  sunflower butter, or vegetable oil
  • Give up frying/breading  and replace with sautéing in the items identified above
  • Scrap pork all together
  • Give up fast food
  • Take a walk rather than watch a TV program
  • Exercise benefits the mind and body
  • Utilize community gardens, where possible
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables, if possible
  • Substitute meat for another protein
    • Beans(Ensure they are throughly cooked, if canned cook a bit longer)
    • Soy
    • Mushrooms

Note:  Community gardens

1-877-ASK-ACGA    Community gardens

We can change the statistics, if we only make the choice to do.

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Let’s start here, with the very simple task of making of building our virtual community.



Playing games

What is Togetherness?  According to Websters it is a  warm fellowship, as among members of a family.  This is something that is essential in any family.  As members of a family we grow together as things go well and hurt together when members are hurt.  Regardless of where you stand on issues, we are in it together.  So why not take the opportunity to support on another.  Supporting does not mean agreeing on everything or doing things the same way, but when we have an opportunity to support each other let’s do that.

As we close in on the midterm elections some states are still playing the same games they did hundreds of years ago to take away the right to vote from blacks.

In reality the voting rights act of 1965, would not have been necessary if all parties simply played by the rules or accepted the laws.  During Reconstruction Black political power expanded dramatically. More than 1,500 African American men held public office in the South. Sixteen African Americans served in Congress during Reconstruction, and at least 600 served in state legislatures, with hundreds more in local offices. This expansion of power by the African Americans was unacceptable.  White men were unwilling to share or loose power to black men.  As a result of slavery the south was predominantly black, and whites were afraid. I’m sure you know the history as the federal government  withdrew troops during the reconstruction area, which lasted from 1865-1877, southern states instituted Jim Crow Laws to regain power. Blacks were no longer slaved, but were powerless.

Fast forward to 2018.

Today we have not come close to 1500 African Americans serving in public office, yet we are supposed to live in an era where racism does not exist.  Is it gone, or  maybe the fight is just different.  We have gone from hand to hand combat to guerrilla  racism.

In the state of Georgia Stacy Abrams, a black female democrat,  is running against Brian Kemp, a white male republican.  Brain Kemp is the current secretary of state is is responsible for enforcing the state’s voter laws.  This seems like a conflict of interest.   We are seeing cases that make most people scratch their head. As an example if you use an absentee vote, your vote can be trashed if your signature appears not to match the card.  Although, this sound reasonable, but the the individuals making the decision are not handwriting experts.  And as expected black votes are the one being thrown in the trash, more frequently.  If that is not enough, there is the exact match policy.  This policy puts a potential voters registration on hold if the information does not precisely mirror the information contained in the state’s Department of Driver Services database or the Social Security Administration. The reasons can sometimes be outrageously minor, such as a dropped hyphen. An Associated Press analysis found that African Americans make up 70 percent of would-be Georgia voters whose registrations are on hold.  If If were to guess, they will be on hold until after the election.

Every time we learn the rules of the game, they change rules.  It is very clear that, without the ability to vote and not be a part of the political process we have no power.

Let’s stop saying that we’ll never stick together, and work together to stop these useless games.  We need to be in a position that these laws don’t get passed.  We should not be in a situation where we are fighting to get something back, that should have never been stolen in the first place.

Let’s be togetherblack


A New Year. What will be different?

Watching the news and the outrage over the comments by the president, is  disheartening but not surprising.    He continues to be the person that ran for president and I suspect he will continue to be that person throughout the remainder of his life.  The question I continue to ask is what is the fix or is there one.  Are we spending too much time focusing on what’s in the media?  You know being upset about it and discussing it, and not enough time making a change in our own community, or building one.

Over the last year there have been protest and a flood of information pointing to a systemic plan to continue to disenfranchise the black population.  Some may believe the overall goal is slavery again, as seventy percent of the prison population is black and prison allows for slavery or free labor. Most prisoners lack a high school education and education was considered the equalizer.  It may not provide equality, but based on the data there is correlation between lack of education and the prison population.   The education system is poorer in primarily black impoverished neighborhoods.  Is this by design or circumstance?  And is expecting the government to solve the problem realistic? The unfortunate truth is that our leaders are ran by greed and not the people.  Consider this, if a certain group of people are making money with private prisons and free labor, and they have strong lobbyist (You know the group that actually bribes our leaders to make certain decisions).  What decisions will be made? Prison stocks have skyrocketed since the election of the last president (That should tell you something). It’s not we the people. It’s those that will give me something. Please take a minute and digest that.  If we want better for our community, it up to us and those that care about the struggle.As we move into a new year and getting closer to at the next decade, those that are working on government change, please continue. There are many attorneys and senators working on things like justice reform and attempting to resolve the educational difference.  Please support them with our voice, vote, dollars, time etc.  Speaking of support, I know we have heard the adage divide and concur. Please make the choice to support those that are attempting to make a difference.  If you don’t like there process or style that’s okay.  But please do not publicly disparage them. The others want to see us divided.

The system has and continues to play a very dangerous game with the black community.  As I speak to many of us, there is a theme.  That theme is:  “We will never be united, we can’t stick together, we can’t work together.  I believe once those words are said it is true.  What if, we spoke and thought differently?  Believing that we can live better, treat each other better and be treated better, and behave as if we have a community.  Trust me I understand and I have been hurt by own, I’ve also been loved by own. If we don’t join together to affect change, who will?

The purpose of the website is to build a community.

Join in, be a part of the positive change.

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We’re better together

In reviewing the statistics it appears that African Americans are committing a majority of the crimes, and are a failure.   That is the narrative that permeates through every crack and crevice of this country.   The statistics are accurate, however there is more to the story.  People of color are disprortionately targeted, and in many cases lack the financial support needed to secure an attorney, and therefore are punished for crimes their caucasians peers are not.  This is an unfortunate truth.  Knowing the truth is the bridge to making other decisions. The negative side of the story is the one that is often told, which creates a sense of hopelessness, and that is also a part of the game.

Hopelessness causes individuals to give up, and may resort to illegal activities simply to survive.   Knowing the African American and poorer communities are disportionatly targeted, that one mistake can cause an individual to be a slave for life or just a few years, should be a deterrent. Yes I did say slave.

The thirteenth amendment is a double sided coin.  On the one side it abolished slavery, except for the punishment of a crime.  To ensure free labor and to keep the private jails making money there is a need to keep a certain number of individuals incarcerated.   They target those that do not have the means to hire a good attorney, and those that don’t have a family member serving in specifically important area. That helps with why poorer individuals are targeted, but why blacks specifically?  There are 4.2 million white children living in poverty today, which means there parents are also in poverty.  What would happen, if they were disproportionately targeted, and became legal slaves through incarceration? There would be such an outcry, it would stop.  Just like the new drug epidemic, which is now a disease.  The crack users were criminals, which were primarily black.  The Opioid users have a disease and need help.  However, they are primarily white.

Where is the outcry for the African American.  Blacks have been targeted for incarceration since slavery ended.  African Americans could be put in jail for not working, for standing around, for looking a white person in the eye, etc.  There is small outcry, but it not enough for major quickly.  However, the outcry must continue and get louder and people of color need to join together and change what we can. There are many examples of what we accomplish united.  The black wall street, Civil rights movement, etc.  The website is created to allow us to grow and build together.  But unfortunately, I don’t see jobs posted, very few businesses compared to reality and where are the investors and those with ideas.

Let’s do this thing.

We’re better together and follow my blog at



Will Racism Ever Die

A foundation is something we build upon and it is woven through so many areas of a culture.  We continue to fight against racism and bias, but it is very deeply engrained into the foundation of this country.  The Native American’s were called savages for fighting for their home.  The move Avatar depicted the situation so well, in clearly depicting the hate for a people that behaved no differently than anyone else fighting for their home.   African American’s are hated for not wanting to be slaves and treated as less than equal and less than human.  These issues are like a thread that is woven in the fabric of this country.  Will it ever go away, will there ever be a time when people are judged by the content of their character, as Martin dreamed?

In the seventies there was a term called “melting pot” used to depict all cultures melded into one, no dominant culture.   This sounds great on the surface.  With that we can look at each other the same, because everyone  is viewed as American. To make the melting pot successful, some will need to relinquish their unique qualities.   The beauty of the mosaic; a type of culture some are trying to create, each color is distinct and stands on it’s own. However, the beauty cannot be achieved without the unique qualities of each color.

Respecting and not hating, or attempting to dominate  the cultures within the culture should be a part of the American dream. The things we desire, like obtaining a great job, house and a family.  It should be written into our constitution and built into the fiber of this country.   His story (history) needs to be a collective story.  No longer the story of one, but the story of all.  Many cultures are responsible for the greatness and tragedies of this country.  It was not built or harmed by one specific culture.  America will never be great until it is recognized that being great doesn’t mean making another less.

As African Americans and people of color, let us choose to build each other.

Please use and help build  The free online community.

Loving the skin you’re in

I had a conversation the other day with a brother. We talked about a few things and begin talking about working out and swimming.  I told him I do not love swimming, but understand it is supposed to provide a full body workout.  He then begin to compare black and whites.  Why do whites swim much more than black.  I told him, for the most part it is economic.  During the 60s and 70s we may not have had the money to pay for lessons etc.

But then I thought a bit more, as I usually do.  So what, if whites swim more than we do.  White’s also ski more and play hockey, than blacks.  We have different cultures and we need to be comfortable with the differences and not feel like something is wrong because we are not the same.  Do you remember the movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin.  He was raised by a long black family, but could never get the musical beat.  But when he heard music by someone like Benny Goodman, it clicked for him.  Be and love the authentic you, be smart, and let’s love and each other.

Being black is difficult, I know it. I’m am right there with you. The statistics in the black community appear bleak.  But don’t forget.  Freedom was not granted in 1865, like they want us to believe.  Partial freedom wasn’t granted until 1965.  Look how far we’ve come in 52 years, and the playing field is still un equal.

So keep believing and keep making strides to change the community.

Let this website be the start of our virtual community.

We’re better together






Smoke and mirrors

The flag is a symbol supporting the words written in the constitution, which states all men are created equal.  Those that do not treat and see people as equals are dishonoring the flag.  However, their actions go unchecked and unchanged.

There is so much focus on standing, sitting, and kneeling, that the spotlight is no longer on the issues of police brutality and justice reform, which is the reason behind the protest.   What has changed regarding minimum sentencing, three strike laws, the criminalization of certain drugs, etc?

Let’s not be taken in by the smoke and mirrors and forget the reason individuals are kneeling rather than standing.

Call and write your representatives find out where they stand and what they doing regarding police brutality and justice reform.

Use the power you do have

What’s next for the black community

I had a conversation with a group of colleagues and we discussed what is taking place in our world today. No different than many of you are having, of course. We were discussing how to make life better for people of color.

We cannot ignore the many strides that have taken place in the  African American Community, and there is still a long way to go.  Unfortunately, if feels like we are a targeted race and it is difficult to understand why.  Maybe they’re afraid, maybe we’re a reminder of past sins.  I really don’t know the right answer, but feel we most do something.

The discussion surrounded changing the narrative and the optics.  Changing how we are perceived by America, and not just white America.  But does that began with how we view ourselves. There are many that are truly proud to be an African American, and would not have it any other way, and I am one of those people.  But I am curious as to what is next for us.  Our young men are in danger of being killed.  Those with or without an education, and it just seems okay.  I am sure you agree the atrocities that take place in our community would not be  acceptable in other community.

So what do you do?

Do we lives our lives too separated from one another, if so how do we fix that?

Please respond and give me your ideas.


Let’s fight for our lives

There are so many things happening in our community.  If feels there is a conspiracy  to destroy the black man.  Each time I turn on the TV I am seeing our young men murdered or thrown in prison.  If you look at the prison population one would conclude there is something wrong with black people.  But that is not correct and we know that.  Although the prison population is filled with blacks, and most are a result of drug related charges, we know their white counterparts are equal or more likely to use and distribute drugs.  I am not going to ask why we are the ones in prison, we know the answer.   But there are bigger questions.  Two questions are what has to happen to change this, and do we care enough about those that we feel do not impact our lives, and how did we let this happen/

We slept when Reagan and each president afterwards waged a war on drugs.  As  a result, of this war the number of blacks in prison has skyrocketed. Were we unaware of what was happening, or were we so comfortable in our suburban homes, that we feel they were getting what they deserved.  Now almost forty years later, it seems like nothing is being done for those that are getting caught in the system for minor drug violations and the three strike law, made it even worse.  Other countries have spent the tax payer dollars on rehabilitation programs, not jail.

The war on drugs has sent people to jail for 10-20 years for 4 marijuana cigarettes.  It is horrible that the citizens of this country are treated so deplorable.  But the treatment is cloaked in words like protection and cleaning up of our streets.  As a result we miss it too.


The only way to change this is to get off the sidelines and start working together.

View the  free website and share your business, job openings, resume’, find an investor, be an investor, share your events.  I’d love for the site to grow to a place where we begin to change some of these crazy laws.

If not for you for your children and grandchildren

Please leave a comment and share this blog and website

Us vs Them?

When my family and I get together, we always discuss politics and how to change the world.  Just like everyone we have more questions than answers. Our conversation typically starts with the problem.  And this particular day we chose to discuss the divide in our nation. You don’t need me to tell you just how divided we are as a nation.  At one point it felt like the divide was along racial lines.  The deeper I look I see it is among many lines.  Yes racial is one, but there is a political divide, republicans vs democrats.  A social economic  divide, haves vs the have nots. Where does it end and how do we begin the conversation to determine what binds us vs what separates us, which was the stand of one of my family members.  She believes that we should focus on what brings us together, rather than what separates us.  But, isn’t that what blacks in America do all the time?  Aren’t we the ones trying to disrupt every stereo type that has been created about us?  Feeling like we have to show that we are intelligent, not lazy and feeling like we can’t eat fried chicken and watermelon?

Maybe the answer is unity within our own culture first.

I know this idea has floated for years, and every time I bring it up.  People say it will never happen?  But why not, and can’t we make it happen?  It feels like there are so many forces against us today. We turn on the news and another black man has been killed, or we walk down the street and are called nigger, and you realize that has not happened to you in many many years.

I feel it is time and the climate is perfect for unity amongst the black community.  A place where can invest in one another, not just financially, but socially.  Where we care about the young man, who does not have a father.  Or that their family is struggling to simply exists and cannot take their children to the events or have those important discussions.  A community  where we contribute to the business ideas of our people, and our businesses are to overpriced.  But are competitive and the best.

Let’s change the narrative.

Please respond to this blog and use the free website to create our black community.

We are better together




What’s the vision?

In the previous two blogs I discussed love and forgiveness.  It is important to make sure we are free from hate and anger before we begin to rebuild and repair what was stolen.  The foundation can’t be tainted.  Now that we’re mentally and spiritually free let’s get to the business of change.  Every change starts with a vision.  I will share my vision, but I want you to create one for yourself, your family and community.

Vision: To be a part of a community, the black community that respects ourselves and is respected by others.  People that strive for greatness and help our brothers/sisters achieve the best for their lives.  We work together to fill the gaps in our community.  Example:  If there is a single female that needs help with a son, step in.  If the elderly gentleman needs help getting to his car, walk with him.  My vision is creating an environment where we continue helping and guiding each other and reducing the % of black men and women in prison, increase the % of black men and women graduating high school and completing a secondary education, and decreasing the number of single parent households.

There was a time it was very easy to see the hate and prejudice, it was everywhere and blatant, it’s still everywhere but not so blatant.  We see it now in pockets, when the media chooses to tell the story, or the behavior is captured on Facebook. or some other social site.

One of the questions that is continually raised is do we need a leader?  I believe yes we do, but maybe not one leader but a single message.   Every successful movement has a leader, in this virtual world and individuals living everywhere it may be difficult.  There is no physical black community anymore.  The problem of communication is more than where, but how.  We have many generations, the greatest generation, silent generation, baby boomers, GEN X, and millennials that are all impacted by this experience.  As a result of our experiences we communicate differently and view the world differently.

Think about the question?

Do we need leader(s), if so how should the leadership be structured.


Love requires forgives

In my previous blog I spoke about Love and it’s importance to become the best that we can.  Love is not a easy thing.  It is not necessarily that mushy stuff that we see on TV and the movies.  It does come with choices and sometimes very tough decisions.  Forgiveness is tied very closely with Love. If you have ever loved someone or been really loved, you know how important it is to forgive and be forgiven. Forgiveness is for you, not the person you are forgiving.  Forgiving someone sets you free.

Let’s set ourselves free so we can be about the business of building ourselves and our communities.  I know it feels like we as African American’s are the prey, but I honestly don’t believe that and we should not either.  As I pointed out in an earlier blog we have accomplished a lot in a short period of time, so let’s continue and be about our business.

Step one: Forgive them and set yourself free.  I know it not easy, but it’s important. If we don’t forgive, our mission will always be to focus on the other and find ways to get back at them, rather than to focus on us, and move forward.

Step 2: Begin with a vision and then a plan.  I’m going to use one of my favorite biblical references.  “Without a vision, the people perish.” We need to create a very detailed vision of the black community.  And think about all facets, and this vision.

Education, marriage, the image of a man,  image of woman, your specific community, elderly, young people, what should we teach our young, what about those without mothers fathers, how do we reduce incarceration?, increase education etc.

Think about it and respond to this blog, I want to hear from your.  I believe we can create a plan.


Choose Love

Like most I use my Facebook and twitter to check out the most recent  headlines. I typically do this on my way to work and somewhat throughout the day, depending on my availability.  I feel like there is a common theme that has been taking place, and I know it’s nothing new.  It just may be new to me because I typically choose not to focus on the negative, but lately it seems to be everywhere.

I am pro-black and do not apologize, however I am not anti-anything.  Some believe to be for something you have to hate something else, and that is not true.  I may have wanted the Falcons to win the Superbowl, and I really did.  I was very disappointed, but that is another subject.  However, I wish no ill will on the Patriots or  their fans. What is happening?  Why has hate become so prevalent, and why do we (we everybody) continue to try matching hate for hate.

We are in such a pivotable place in our history, the current environment feels reminiscent of the 1960’s, based on what I’ve read, heard, and saw on television.  I was too young to remember.  One of the things I have been told, is as a black community we supported each other a lot more than we do today.   And if you listen to the music during that time, it seems like musicians were trying to help us to remember the power of love.

Let’s choose a different direction.  Instead of using your energy to feed the hate.  Feed the love. Turn off the TV, stop following any hate on twitter and Facebook and use that energy to make positive change for those in your circle.

If you plan an event please post it to this website.  If you have a business, are an investor, or looking for an investor also use this website.  America is a great place, let’s make our communities better.


Together Black

We can turn this around

On January 20th I wanted to be hopeful. I wanted to believe that new president really wanted to united the country and continue to build a more perfect union, and in his mind he may believe he is doing that.

We a part of a global and diverse society, meaning leaders have to consider all people. Targeting any single demographic as “bad” is  “wrong.”  We have watched this movie before over and over again, and the ending is always bad.

Today Muslim’s are being demonized and banned from the country. Tomorrow he may determine that blacks are a threat and send us to concentration camps.  We have enough problems, with a reasonable leader.

What can we do? I’m glad you asked.  The confirmation hearings are not over, please contact your senator, and tell them to vote NO.  You know those elected officials.  They need to understand their job may be in jeopardy.

Last week I provided a link that will help you identify who to contact.  Please use it.

Here it is again:

Don’t just talk about it, be about it.




Get the facts

One of the many sad things I continue to notice and I’m sure you have too, is people are making so many comments with very little facts.   They are taking a sound bite and building a story around it. There have even been instances of an “alternate truth” from the current administration.

It is more important than ever to get the facts.  To know what is taking place within the government, to know who represents you, and know on what they are voting and how.

The website below will you you to find your representative.

President Trump, it is so crazy to write that, has signed several executive orders, most aimed at immigration and continuing to separate and label people. He is trying to make good on his campaign promises. He has also signed an executive order to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act. I know the act is not perfect, but it is the beginning of our ability to help those who may need additional help.  Many future entrepreneurs remain at jobs they hate for health benefits.   The ACA gives each of us other options.  The senate working to defund planned parenthood.  This organization has been demonized, but understand that federal dollars are not used to fund abortion, this is another fear tactic used to cause the American people to act.

Before you make a decision, complain get the facts. Fact check everything you hear.




Are you proud to African American/Black

Yesterday we remembered Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and at the same time we’ve heard many discussions surrounding the negative comments from the president elect about Representative John Lewis.  This is just another example or peak into the thoughts of our next president and the climate of which we will live.   Although, Trump pointed to the wrong person when he spoke of action, however that is something we must continue to consider and question ourselves.

Why do others views blacks as “different’ when we are educated, take care of our families, leaders in our community, etc.

As we move into black history month, are we proud of our history?  Do we look at the accomplishments of the black man and stand proud, we should. Some have done everything  they know to keep us down, in some areas they still do today.  In spite of slavery, Jim Crow, segregation, and stripping us of everything we continue to thrive.  Yes we thrive.  There is still work to be done, so continue to do the work.




Take positive action- Get the pride back

There are many people that are not pleased with the current American climate.  This ranges from the continued mistreatment of African American’s to the election of Donald Trump.  The answer is not to take stupid action, like beating up a homeless man.  That will only continue to perpetuate the problem.  Do something positive in your community for your community.

Many of us were taught, that we have to do twice as much to get just as much as they have.  Unfortunately that idea has not changed.  Let’s use the additional education and effort to make life better in our community.  Let’s take our pride back.

Get involved in the political process and make sure to turn out in record numbers for the mid term elections.  Two years will go by quickly, shoot run for office.

We do have a lot to lose.

Guerrilla war fare

There are a lot of individual initiatives taking place to change the black community. For many years I’ve felt we need a single collective  plan to change the community.  However, I believe the answer may need to be a bit more irregular.   We live in many communities and are in different stages of life’s journey.  Instead of a singular approach we may need to continue impacting the individual needs, but have a single focus.   What I mean by single focus is one that stops us from asking “them” to treat us correctly, and one that allows us to take control of our own destiny.   Let’t not forget our power; intellectual, financial, creative, and our greatness!!

Let’s help each other by lobbing for our causes, have a go fund me account to help with legal issues, and volunteer to support each other.  “They” need to see that we are willing to do the work to make it better for the next generation, like many others have done for us.




Together black

I view the black community as a giant that does not recognize it’s strength and power.  One that has been hurt abused and told for many years that it is nothing, and unfortunately has begin to believe the lies.  Although there many great accomplishments, there are many set backs.  The giant has to trust and utilize it’s entire body to achieve the fullness of it’s greatness.

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