Welcome to 2019.  In my last blog http://www.togetherblack.com/tupac-said/.  It was discussion around changing our negative health statistics.  It feels like they really want us all dead.  Either by incarceration, murder or poor health.  Although there are many games geared towards keeping black statistics primarily negative, we do have the power to change some things.

Real change starts from the inside out.  From inside the body to outside, from inside the community to outside.  I can’t encourage someone to see me as positive if my words are negative or to see me as strong when I appear weak, and see me as healthy when I am overweight.

I have noticed it has become increasingly more expensive to eat healthy and without meat.  When I grew up and the budget was tight, my parents would make a tasty meatless meal.  Now we’re paying $10-$12.00 for a meatless burger.  Meatless; there is no dead animal to represent this burger, no butcher curing, separating and grinding the meat.  No animal that had to be cared for so we can have a $12.00 burger.   I don’t understand it, and those prices can discourage people from moving from fast food, that is killing us slowly to a healthier options.  I remember eating stewed tomatoes and rice, beans and rice or peas rice.  There are a variety of beans and peas that provide a sufficient amount of protein and the rice helps complete the amino chain.  Dried beans are cheaper and healthier than canned beans. You can get a package of dried beans for under $2.00 and which will make about 12 cups.  The dried beans are healthier, because they are not sitting in a can line with BPA, and BPA has been linked to causing damage in liver, kidney and breast.  The other health benefit to purchasing and cooking beans, is to reduce the amount of lectins in beans.  Beans contain a chemical called Lectin,  that basically protects itself from bugs, during the growing process. When properly cooked, the Lectin can be removed or greatly reduced.  If the beans are canned there is no guarantee they are properly cooked.

We have control over our eating habits, even on a limited budget.  Changing what we eat can drastically change our heath and the health of the children.

Mental health issues and depression impact all of our communities.  Depression can be so sneaky it is possible to suffer from depression and not be aware.  Without adequate health care it is possible to go undiagnosed, plus we know our community typically does not believe in see a psychologist or psychiatrist.  So, we suffer in silence and cannot move, as if our feet our cemented to the floor and the world continues moving around you.  I understand, I am not a fan of medications that impact the brain, but I do believe in the many natural options.   Below are a list of items that can be helpful in fighting depression and helping to maintain an overall positive life.  Serotonin is critical as it helps provide feeling of well being, modulates cognition, helps with memory etc.

  1. Sunlight: Increases serotonin levels
  2. Exercise: Increases serotonin levels
  3. Positive affirmations: Self talk and thankfulness
  4. Dark leafy greens: Fights inflammation
  5. Walnuts: Mood boosting omega 3
  6. Avocado: Brain power
  7. Berries: Cell repairing Antioxidants
  8. Mushrooms:  Helps lower blood sugar
  9. Onions: Layered with cancer fighting Allium
  10. Tomatoes: Depression Fighters
  11. Beans: Mood Stabilizing Fiber
  12. Seeds: Omega 3
  13. Apples:  Antioxidants and Fiber (I recommend organic)

Let’s use the knowledge and power we have to take control of our health, and the health of those around us.  Eating tasty food is great!! Eating food that is slowly killing us, is not the best choice.

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