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Like most I use my Facebook and twitter to check out the most recent  headlines. I typically do this on my way to work and somewhat throughout the day, depending on my availability.  I feel like there is a common theme that has been taking place, and I know it’s nothing new.  It just may be new to me because I typically choose not to focus on the negative, but lately it seems to be everywhere.

I am pro-black and do not apologize, however I am not anti-anything.  Some believe to be for something you have to hate something else, and that is not true.  I may have wanted the Falcons to win the Superbowl, and I really did.  I was very disappointed, but that is another subject.  However, I wish no ill will on the Patriots or  their fans. What is happening?  Why has hate become so prevalent, and why do we (we everybody) continue to try matching hate for hate.

We are in such a pivotable place in our history, the current environment feels reminiscent of the 1960’s, based on what I’ve read, heard, and saw on television.  I was too young to remember.  One of the things I have been told, is as a black community we supported each other a lot more than we do today.   And if you listen to the music during that time, it seems like musicians were trying to help us to remember the power of love.

Let’s choose a different direction.  Instead of using your energy to feed the hate.  Feed the love. Turn off the TV, stop following any hate on twitter and Facebook and use that energy to make positive change for those in your circle.

If you plan an event please post it to this website.  If you have a business, are an investor, or looking for an investor also use this website.  America is a great place, let’s make our communities better.


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