CafeULU 360 views

CafeULU is a worker-owner co-op which is wholly owned by the Us Lifting Us LLC Cooperative. Us Lifting Us is a worldwide group of individuals, businesses, non-profits, and families pooling our monies and opening businesses in the midst of our membership communities. Coffee is the first market we have decided to burst into due to it's nature as the second most traded commodity in the world. Internet coffeehouses are places for the community to gather, share ideas, and debate topics, as quiet places to study or people watch, and are yet gaining popularity in the US. We work with other co-ops and businesses dedicated to free trade, sustainable, and healthy alternatives. We support the communities that we do business,by giving to a local charity and joining the neighborhood associations. We encourage and solicit input from the employees about menu items and certain policies or procedures which affect them. Coffeehouses are the first, but not the only industry that Us Lifting Us LLC will develop and make profitable for our members.   


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