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One of the many sad things I continue to notice and I’m sure you have too, is people are making so many comments with very little facts.   They are taking a sound bite and building a story around it. There have even been instances of an “alternate truth” from the current administration.

It is more important than ever to get the facts.  To know what is taking place within the government, to know who represents you, and know on what they are voting and how.

The website below will you you to find your representative.

President Trump, it is so crazy to write that, has signed several executive orders, most aimed at immigration and continuing to separate and label people. He is trying to make good on his campaign promises. He has also signed an executive order to begin dismantling the Affordable Care Act. I know the act is not perfect, but it is the beginning of our ability to help those who may need additional help.  Many future entrepreneurs remain at jobs they hate for health benefits.   The ACA gives each of us other options.  The senate working to defund planned parenthood.  This organization has been demonized, but understand that federal dollars are not used to fund abortion, this is another fear tactic used to cause the American people to act.

Before you make a decision, complain get the facts. Fact check everything you hear.




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