Guerrilla war fare

There are a lot of individual initiatives taking place to change the black community. For many years I’ve felt we need a single collective  plan to change the community.  However, I believe the answer may need to be a bit more irregular.   We live in many communities and are in different stages of life’s journey.  Instead of a singular approach we may need to continue impacting the individual needs, but have a single focus.   What I mean by single focus is one that stops us from asking “them” to treat us correctly, and one that allows us to take control of our own destiny.   Let’t not forget our power; intellectual, financial, creative, and our greatness!!

Let’s help each other by lobbing for our causes, have a go fund me account to help with legal issues, and volunteer to support each other.  “They” need to see that we are willing to do the work to make it better for the next generation, like many others have done for us.




Together Black

I believe it is important that black in America are able to see that we have accomplished in the United States, and be proud to be black in America. Change begins with us.

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