As the government shutdown continues to be the longest shutdown in our history, it raises many concerns. Individuals are being called back to work for zero pay, they have involuntarily accepted a volunteer position.  This unplanned volunteer work adds undue stress on families and the people they serve.

The TSA and air traffic controllers for example protect the safety of 1.5 million people per day.  This shut down is not only impacting those that work for the government but those that depend on the services they offer.  Think about it, the person that is protecting the airports to ensure terrorist do not board our airplanes are required to work for free.   The job is stressful enough, but to have to worry about food, and shelter while working should not happen.  Our leaders say they are  attempting to protect the country, but are we in more danger, as a result?  How long before those that are hired to protect us feel desperate and begin to act out that desperation, or are exploited as a result?

Do  we have to be sitting ducks, while our government officials make a decision?  The answer is No. As of the most recent reports it does not appear that there is communication with the President.  Regardless of how you feel about a wall or no wall.  Having people work for free causes stress. These  individuals are hired to protect us.  As a result, we will have a negative impact on almost everyone in the country?  Those that are making the decisions to keep the government closed are not facing financial trouble.  Their income is not in jeopardy and they do not fly commercial.

Contact your representative and end this shutdown, they can override this.

Call, send an email, write a letter visit their office.  We need to use the process to our benefit too.

Congress can override the shutdown.


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