Let’s fight for our lives

There are so many things happening in our community.  If feels there is a conspiracy  to destroy the black man.  Each time I turn on the TV I am seeing our young men murdered or thrown in prison.  If you look at the prison population one would conclude there is something wrong with black people.  But that is not correct and we know that.  Although the prison population is filled with blacks, and most are a result of drug related charges, we know their white counterparts are equal or more likely to use and distribute drugs.  I am not going to ask why we are the ones in prison, we know the answer.   But there are bigger questions.  Two questions are what has to happen to change this, and do we care enough about those that we feel do not impact our lives, and how did we let this happen/

We slept when Reagan and each president afterwards waged a war on drugs.  As  a result, of this war the number of blacks in prison has skyrocketed. Were we unaware of what was happening, or were we so comfortable in our suburban homes, that we feel they were getting what they deserved.  Now almost forty years later, it seems like nothing is being done for those that are getting caught in the system for minor drug violations and the three strike law, made it even worse.  Other countries have spent the tax payer dollars on rehabilitation programs, not jail.

The war on drugs has sent people to jail for 10-20 years for 4 marijuana cigarettes.  It is horrible that the citizens of this country are treated so deplorable.  But the treatment is cloaked in words like protection and cleaning up of our streets.  As a result we miss it too.


The only way to change this is to get off the sidelines and start working together.

View the  free website togetherblack.com and share your business, job openings, resume’, find an investor, be an investor, share your events.  I’d love for the site to grow to a place where we begin to change some of these crazy laws.

If not for you for your children and grandchildren

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