Loving the skin you’re in

I had a conversation the other day with a brother. We talked about a few things and begin talking about working out and swimming.  I told him I do not love swimming, but understand it is supposed to provide a full body workout.  He then begin to compare black and whites.  Why do whites swim much more than black.  I told him, for the most part it is economic.  During the 60s and 70s we may not have had the money to pay for lessons etc.

But then I thought a bit more, as I usually do.  So what, if whites swim more than we do.  White’s also ski more and play hockey, than blacks.  We have different cultures and we need to be comfortable with the differences and not feel like something is wrong because we are not the same.  Do you remember the movie “The Jerk” with Steve Martin.  He was raised by a long black family, but could never get the musical beat.  But when he heard music by someone like Benny Goodman, it clicked for him.  Be and love the authentic you, be smart, and let’s love and each other.

Being black is difficult, I know it. I’m am right there with you. The statistics in the black community appear bleak.  But don’t forget.  Freedom was not granted in 1865, like they want us to believe.  Partial freedom wasn’t granted until 1965.  Look how far we’ve come in 52 years, and the playing field is still un equal.

So keep believing and keep making strides to change the community.

Let this website be the start of our virtual community.

We’re better together






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