The flag is a symbol supporting the words written in the constitution, which states all men are created equal.  Those that do not treat and see people as equals are dishonoring the flag.  However, their actions go unchecked and unchanged.

There is so much focus on standing, sitting, and kneeling, that the spotlight is no longer on the issues of police brutality and justice reform, which is the reason behind the protest.   What has changed regarding minimum sentencing, three strike laws, the criminalization of certain drugs, etc?

Let’s not be taken in by the smoke and mirrors and forget the reason individuals are kneeling rather than standing.

Call and write your representatives find out where they stand and what they doing regarding police brutality and justice reform.

Use the power you do have

Together Black

I believe it is important that black in America are able to see that we have accomplished in the United States, and be proud to be black in America. Change begins with us.

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