I was reading the story of Babel the other day in the book of Genesis, and I noticed something that stood out to me.  When the people were building the city God dispersed them because he was concerned with what they would do against him, as one united people. “Behold they are one (unified) people, and they will have the same language.  This is only the beginning of what they will do (in rebellion against me), and now no evil thing they imagine they can do will be impossible for them.”

Because God knew the benefit of unity he scattered the people.  Think about that for a minute, but think about it from the perspective of acting in unison and what can be accomplished.  Throughout our existence in this country there have been many schemes used to separate us.  Causing dissension is not difficult, our journey to attempting to become one people started on the plantation, around pain, fear and betrayal.   Others are aware of our power as a united force, which is the reason there are so many subtle tactics to keep us separate.  The tactics have been so successful, if anyone mentions blacks joining together, I hear people say it won’t happen. Some of the tactics used were making the light skin blacks feel better about themselves than the dark skin blacks during slavery, which caused distrust.  As the light skin slaves worked in the house and the dark skin blacks worked the fields.     If you have not read the Willie Lynch letter please read it.  https://archive.org/stream/WillieLynchLetter1712/the_willie_lynch_letter_the_making_of_a_slave_1712_djvu.txt

During times of adversity we have united to achieve greatness for each other.The Underground Railroad, The civil rights movement, voting rights, education (we created our own colleges, desegregated schools), more recently some of the law are changing around the decriminalization of weed, and the senseless killings.  Although these are examples of a few victories. In 2016 blacks represented 33% of the sentenced population, whites represented 30% and hispanics 23%.  On the surface this may not appear disproportionate; keep in mind we are only 12% of the population, Hispanics are 16% and Whites are 67%.  The poverty rate amongst blacks is 20%.  The second highest amongst all ethnicities next to Native Americans.

The story is not all bad,  over the last 10 years the statistics are improving.

What if we could unite our thinking and actions around a few key areas.

  • Business: Take the time to support black business
  • Investments:  If you are able to invest, invest in a black business
  • Education: Never underestimate the value of education.  There is a reason it was illegal for blacks to know how to  read during slavery times.  They knew that education can be one way to elevate us as a people.  More and more people are homeschooling their children, to ensure they have access to the best affordable education.  As a homeschooler you do not have to teach your children all of the subjects, there are many tools available to assist.
  • Health: We can’t control all aspects of our health, but there are several we can by eating healthy and exercising.
  • Laws: Stay abreast of the laws and how they impact us.  Not just national, but local.  Go to local government meetings.  Be a part of the community.  I need to do much better here.
  • Mentor: Help someone else. everyone needs a hand during life’s journey

Starting this movement is very simple.  It’s a mind shift for some and a continuation for others, but there is nothing we cannot do.  Let’s do it together.

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