When my family and I get together, we always discuss politics and how to change the world.  Just like everyone we have more questions than answers. Our conversation typically starts with the problem.  And this particular day we chose to discuss the divide in our nation. You don’t need me to tell you just how divided we are as a nation.  At one point it felt like the divide was along racial lines.  The deeper I look I see it is among many lines.  Yes racial is one, but there is a political divide, republicans vs democrats.  A social economic  divide, haves vs the have nots. Where does it end and how do we begin the conversation to determine what binds us vs what separates us, which was the stand of one of my family members.  She believes that we should focus on what brings us together, rather than what separates us.  But, isn’t that what blacks in America do all the time?  Aren’t we the ones trying to disrupt every stereo type that has been created about us?  Feeling like we have to show that we are intelligent, not lazy and feeling like we can’t eat fried chicken and watermelon?

Maybe the answer is unity within our own culture first.

I know this idea has floated for years, and every time I bring it up.  People say it will never happen?  But why not, and can’t we make it happen?  It feels like there are so many forces against us today. We turn on the news and another black man has been killed, or we walk down the street and are called nigger, and you realize that has not happened to you in many many years.

I feel it is time and the climate is perfect for unity amongst the black community.  A place where can invest in one another, not just financially, but socially.  Where we care about the young man, who does not have a father.  Or that their family is struggling to simply exists and cannot take their children to the events or have those important discussions.  A community  where we contribute to the business ideas of our people, and our businesses are to overpriced.  But are competitive and the best.

Let’s change the narrative.

Please respond to this blog and use the free website to create our black community.

We are better together




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