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In reviewing the statistics it appears that African Americans are committing a majority of the crimes, and are a failure.   That is the narrative that permeates through every crack and crevice of this country.   The statistics are accurate, however there is more to the story.  People of color are disprortionately targeted, and in many cases lack the financial support needed to secure an attorney, and therefore are punished for crimes their caucasians peers are not.  This is an unfortunate truth.  Knowing the truth is the bridge to making other decisions. The negative side of the story is the one that is often told, which creates a sense of hopelessness, and that is also a part of the game.

Hopelessness causes individuals to give up, and may resort to illegal activities simply to survive.   Knowing the African American and poorer communities are disportionatly targeted, that one mistake can cause an individual to be a slave for life or just a few years, should be a deterrent. Yes I did say slave.

The thirteenth amendment is a double sided coin.  On the one side it abolished slavery, except for the punishment of a crime.  To ensure free labor and to keep the private jails making money there is a need to keep a certain number of individuals incarcerated.   They target those that do not have the means to hire a good attorney, and those that don’t have a family member serving in specifically important area. That helps with why poorer individuals are targeted, but why blacks specifically?  There are 4.2 million white children living in poverty today, which means there parents are also in poverty.  What would happen, if they were disproportionately targeted, and became legal slaves through incarceration? There would be such an outcry, it would stop.  Just like the new drug epidemic, which is now a disease.  The crack users were criminals, which were primarily black.  The Opioid users have a disease and need help.  However, they are primarily white.

Where is the outcry for the African American.  Blacks have been targeted for incarceration since slavery ended.  African Americans could be put in jail for not working, for standing around, for looking a white person in the eye, etc.  There is small outcry, but it not enough for major quickly.  However, the outcry must continue and get louder and people of color need to join together and change what we can. There are many examples of what we accomplish united.  The black wall street, Civil rights movement, etc.  The website togetherblack.com is created to allow us to grow and build together.  But unfortunately, I don’t see jobs posted, very few businesses compared to reality and where are the investors and those with ideas.

Let’s do this thing.

We’re better together and follow my blog at togetherblack.com



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