In the previous two blogs I discussed love and forgiveness.  It is important to make sure we are free from hate and anger before we begin to rebuild and repair what was stolen.  The foundation can’t be tainted.  Now that we’re mentally and spiritually free let’s get to the business of change.  Every change starts with a vision.  I will share my vision, but I want you to create one for yourself, your family and community.

Vision: To be a part of a community, the black community that respects ourselves and is respected by others.  People that strive for greatness and help our brothers/sisters achieve the best for their lives.  We work together to fill the gaps in our community.  Example:  If there is a single female that needs help with a son, step in.  If the elderly gentleman needs help getting to his car, walk with him.  My vision is creating an environment where we continue helping and guiding each other and reducing the % of black men and women in prison, increase the % of black men and women graduating high school and completing a secondary education, and decreasing the number of single parent households.

There was a time it was very easy to see the hate and prejudice, it was everywhere and blatant, it’s still everywhere but not so blatant.  We see it now in pockets, when the media chooses to tell the story, or the behavior is captured on Facebook. or some other social site.

One of the questions that is continually raised is do we need a leader?  I believe yes we do, but maybe not one leader but a single message.   Every successful movement has a leader, in this virtual world and individuals living everywhere it may be difficult.  There is no physical black community anymore.  The problem of communication is more than where, but how.  We have many generations, the greatest generation, silent generation, baby boomers, GEN X, and millennials that are all impacted by this experience.  As a result of our experiences we communicate differently and view the world differently.

Think about the question?

Do we need leader(s), if so how should the leadership be structured.


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