A foundation is something we build upon and it is woven through so many areas of a culture.  We continue to fight against racism and bias, but it is very deeply engrained into the foundation of this country.  The Native American’s were called savages for fighting for their home.  The move Avatar depicted the situation so well, in clearly depicting the hate for a people that behaved no differently than anyone else fighting for their home.   African American’s are hated for not wanting to be slaves and treated as less than equal and less than human.  These issues are like a thread that is woven in the fabric of this country.  Will it ever go away, will there ever be a time when people are judged by the content of their character, as Martin dreamed?

In the seventies there was a term called “melting pot” used to depict all cultures melded into one, no dominant culture.   This sounds great on the surface.  With that we can look at each other the same, because everyone  is viewed as American. To make the melting pot successful, some will need to relinquish their unique qualities.   The beauty of the mosaic; a type of culture some are trying to create, each color is distinct and stands on it’s own. However, the beauty cannot be achieved without the unique qualities of each color.

Respecting and not hating, or attempting to dominate  the cultures within the culture should be a part of the American dream. The things we desire, like obtaining a great job, house and a family.  It should be written into our constitution and built into the fiber of this country.   His story (history) needs to be a collective story.  No longer the story of one, but the story of all.  Many cultures are responsible for the greatness and tragedies of this country.  It was not built or harmed by one specific culture.  America will never be great until it is recognized that being great doesn’t mean making another less.

As African Americans and people of color, let us choose to build each other.

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